About Us

The Working Group on DWI System Improvements is a prestigious coalition of senior leaders of organizations representing frontline professionals in all segments of the criminal DWI system (law enforcement, prosecution, judiciary, supervision, and treatment).

During its 14-year tenure, this distinguished consortium has shaped the focus on and development of drunk driving initiatives in the United States with its unique perspective on knowledge transfer of critical research findings, as well as the translation of legislation, policies, and programs into operational practices.

The efforts of the Working Group on DWI System Improvements have served to identify critical system needs, to make needed educational materials available, to articulate the complex issues associated with program and policy implementation embedded within broader systems, and to give voice to the concerns of practitioners in the DWI system and identify achievable solutions.

Since 2004, the Working Group has met annually to produce much needed educational primers, policy documents and guides for justice professionals to help strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the DWI system for dealing with persistent impaired driving offenders.

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