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This comprehensive study is identifying ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. criminal DWI system for dealing with hard core drinking drivers. Its primary goal is to identify priority problems and to recommend and promote practical solutions in each phase of the justice system.

The entire spectrum of policies, programs and practices that target hard core drinking drivers is being examined -- from initial apprehension and charging by the police, through prosecution and adjudication, to the application of sanctions, and follow-up supervision by probation and parole officers.

The foundational research was based on an extensive literature review, supplemented by intensive discussions with front-line professionals, and a national survey of their views, opinions, experiences and recommendations. The findings and recommendations from the work are detailed in four major reports on enforcement, prosecution, sanctioning and monitoring, which collectively provide a roadmap for improving the criminal DWI system. Key findings and recommendations are synthesized in a Summary Report, which also encourages the development of a coordinated action plan for the implementation of the needed changes.

To this end, TIRF formed a Working Group on DWI System Improvements to advance the recommendations contained in the Summary Report. The Working Group is dedicated to identifying initiatives for improving the DWI system, promoting successful programs, and continuing to bring organizations together to create positive change.